Looking To Beat The Crowds? These 10 Stunningly Remote Locales Take Lonesome To A New Level

9. Easter Island

Over 2,000 miles due west from mainland Chile, this volcanic island is best known for the 887 enormous statues, or Maoi, created by the island’s original residents in the 13th-16th centuries. Since then, the Polynesian island has been named a world heritage site (1995) and, nowadays, draws 80,000 tourists per year. Unfortunately, Easter Island’s enduring popularity is a bit of a double-edged sword, considering that islanders don’t have the resources to cope with the seasonal tide of travelers, while simmering tensions between Chile, which annexed the island in 1888, and the native Rapa Nui occasionally erupts into protests, causing the national park to temporarily close.

Which remote island is 1,500 miles away from the nearest city?

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